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Want to beat the bloat, resolve digestive complaints and enjoy better gut health? Find out about Amanda's unique 3-step G-Plan approach and get the chance to get your questions answered by a leading nutrition expert!  

this free expert webinar will discuss 

Lesson #1

The importance of a healthy gut

Why the health of your gut is so influential for your immunity, mental wellbeing, weight and so much more.

Lesson #2

The 3-stage gut healing approach 

Hear about the philosophy behind the 3-step G-Plan approach, and how it can be personalised to your needs 

Lesson #3

Stress, exercise and sleep

The factors beyond diet that are important for healthy digestion- and what you can do about them

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success stories

we’ve been busy working with some early-bird clients on the diet and here’s what they have to say

Lucy, London

I can honestly say I never felt hungry on this diet. I don’t think there are many healthy eating plans you can say that about! The food was filling, affordable, easy to prepare and it was very refreshing to go back to simple cooking that tastes so good too.

Sharmayne, Gullane

I’m already pretty fit and healthy but wanted to focus on that last 10%. This programme has been hugely beneficial and I’m LOVING the recipes. It is more of a lifestyle change than just a diet for 21 days and what I’ve learned is proving invaluable. My skin is glowing like never before too!

Daniella, Marbella

The first 3 days I had a mild headache – i guess that’s part of detox. However, I didn’t feel hungry with the diet which was great and my skin got very bright. I even lost my cravings for sugar, which is incredible! My body really does look very different after the 21 days, especially my stomach!

Richard, Oxford

The diet includes plenty of food that keep us blokes happier! I’ve followed several other diets but find them harder to stick to than this one. There’s plenty of food to keep us blokes happier and I still managed to get the result – I’m not saying how much I lost but my wife seems pleased!

About Amanda Hamilton

One of the UK’s leading nutritionists, known globally for her best-selling books and popular TV series, the G-Plan diet combines her expertise in digestion and weight loss, based on cutting edge science.

For the first time ever, Amanda offers an online coaching plan to support the best-selling 21-day diet plan.

“So many people want or need that extra support – learning directly from me and my expert team about how to truly look after your body can transform your health – and your weight – forever.”